we love wawa chocolate

we love wawa chocolate

Driven by an obsessive passion for chocolate and a LOVE of local and ethical produce, Wawa Chocolatier combines the biggest of ideas in the smallest of kitchens to bring you the delectable Wawa range.

Meet Jade Anderson, the mastermind behind this delicious brand. 

Jade is a West Australian watermelon farmer turned Melbourne chocolatier. For her, produce and its story is vital to making good food and in turn, people happy. She knows first hand the efforts, time and resources that go into food production. 

"Our food choices can either empower or disempower people. Chocolate is a luxury item. It should not come 'cheap' it should come at a cost that ensures people are paid fairly all the way down the line. It should be enjoyed with vigour, shared with friends and acknowledged for the efforts that go into producing it."  - Jade Anderson, Wawa Chocolatier

We produce small batches of handmade chocolate bars using manual tempering techniques, locally grown and produced ingredients and the finest French couverture. We let the incredible ingredients we find dictate the direction of the recipes. We see it as a kind of homage through chocolate enrobement! The resulting flavour combinations are unique and sophisticated making them a wonderful chocolate experience to enjoy and share with others...... or not share as the case may be.

To make the best food you need to source the best ingredients. We only use ingredients from producers who inspire us. People who are masters of their craft and who uphold a similar ethos to our own. We are proud to support local wherever we can and keep the dollars going back to other small businesses.

Think, give, eat, love - get in my face chocolate!